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Brandful Business Basics – What you need before your employees can promote! Click HERE to join in the discussion on the basics: successful business model, compelling mission, customer promise and employee promise.

Six Brandful Channels – How employees promote the brand of their organization. Click HERE to join in the discussion on: communication, citizenship, celebration, employee programs, swag and recruitment

Brandful Recruiting – How you attract and hire a brand match. Click HERE to join in the discussion.

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Brandful-Workforce-by-Julia-GometzRead The Reviews:

The Brandful Workforce: How Employees Can Make, Not Break, Your Brand is now available! This book is a practical “How-To” guide for organizations who genuinely want an authentic brand, both inside and out. The Brandful Workforce is not your ordinary business book. This may be the first interactive business book – packed with links to videos and ongoing discussions. Make sure you purchase your online version as well as your hard copy, so you can get the most out of your experience.

“Julia is at the tip of a spear which will change the way we think about managing talent. Imagine if we were successful in having every employee in our organization become a walking endorsement for whatever service or product we deliver! That will be both a marker for an organization as a great place to work, but it will also validate what our organizations deliver to our customers! This book talks about how to transform your organization!” – Chief Executive Officer and Associate Chief of Staff, Cleveland Clinic

“It’s one of the best I’ve read on brand. There is not enough literature that talks about the connection between the employee promise and brand promise. It is such an important point in today’s rapidly changing economy. I believe too many organizations today are struggling with the core issue of low engagement that the former (employee promise) is getting in the way of organizations being able to reap the many benefits of being brandful. 

What I love most about your book is that it captures the true essence of how “brand” lives and breathes within the walls of an organization. Organizational leadership and the HR Department hold the keys to an authentic and differentiated brand, not marketing.” – Marketing & Advertising Professional

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  1. Julia,

    I just got through reading the book and I must say it’s a great tool for anyone in the workforce. I’m studying HR and your book is on the top of my list to use as a learning tool.

    Thanks for letting me review this great book. I would love to work with you on other projects.


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