Brandful Business Basics

Brandful Business Basics is  the foundation for building a Brandful Workforce. Having this foundation means that your organization has a sustainable and desired product or service that everyone (customers and employees) can get behind. The three basics are:

2 thoughts on “Brandful Business Basics

  1. I just finished reading your book after a cruise in Europe with Viking. It is worthy of note that Viking embodies many of the means you describe as a brandful workforce. They have a business model that is so successful. All the employees exude joy in working for Viking and privately I found every one of them from the cruise director and hotel manager to the reception staff and cabin stewards – even the maintenance personnel highly praising the company. The cruise was extremely well organized, the crew responsible 24/7 and joyfully carrying out their duties. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an organization who hires the right kind of person for each position with the highest esprit de corps. I recommend that you include the Viking enterprise in any future editions of your book.

    • Thanks Sanford. I will certainly take a look at Viking for upcoming editions! If there are any other companies we should review, please let us know.

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