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Does your organization have an employee promise? Is it integrated in the business model and success of the organization? Share your experience.http://brandfulworkforce.com/book/brandful-business-basics/employee-promise/http://brandfulworkforce.com/book/brandful-business-basics/employee-promise/http://brandfulworkforce.com/book/brandful-business-basics/employee-promise/http://brandfulworkforce.com/book/brandful-business-basics/employee-promise/http://brandfulworkforce.com/book/brandful-business-basics/employee-promise/http://brandfulworkforce.com/book/brandful-business-basics/employee-promise/http://brandfulworkforce.com/book/brandful-business-basics/employee-promise/

15 thoughts on “Employee Promise

  1. I read your book and the descriptions of Whole Foods, Toms, and others – good examples. Another I’d add is the Container Store. I don’t know the exact pay there, but it seems to fit your promise criteria well. It’s not on the surface a sexy business (selling containers!) but time and time again the people seem to say they like it there, they seem to like helping people organize, and it shows as a customer.

    • Thanks Todd. Container Store is a great addition as every time I go in there (and God knows I need more organization in my life!) the employees are clearly 100% behind what they are selling.

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  3. Consumers of services tend to be more brand loyal than the consumers of goods. (Hoffman, 2010) notes that Brand loyalty reduces service consumers levels of perceived risk.

  4. I love the idea about thinking about what an ideal employee looks like & supporting our programs to hire those people. I would love to hear more about building this out in 23 different states.

    • It can certainly be done, especially if you focus on your common brand and mission. Let me know if I can be of help. Sounds like an interesting challenge!

  5. We Believe Everyone Counts – All contributions, big or small, from the newest entry level associate to the CEO, matter.

    • Thanks Jeremy. I went to Vail in the summertime a number of years ago and must say that while most of your guests go in the winter, it’s also worth a visit in the summer! Julia

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