Share a story about how an organizational celebration helped employees promote the brand.

3 thoughts on “Celebration

  1. The Brandful Workforce shares some great stories and insights on what we all know is true. The truth that we want to work, shop and invest in companies that are authentic, caring and honest organizations. Companies that are first and foremost values based and also provide valuable products and services as a result of those values. Forget about “employee engagement” or “customer insights”, just do the right thing, for the right reasons and the sustainable business will be there. Great read.

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  2. I read about TreeHugger, the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream, took aim at Delta Airlines’ celebration of the launch of its in-flight magazine’s environmentally themed March 2008 issue. The celebration took place at the airline’s Sky 360° lounge in Manhattan, where guests were served large quantities of Vodka 360—alledgedly the world’s first eco-luxury vodka brand.

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