Ericsson Swag

Another example of how swag can spread the brand. So I was on the road recently and came across this truck that had the words: “World Leader in Telecom Services”  and the Ericsson name and logo – It was much classier than a bumper sticker. Had to take a picture. I’m not sure if this truck is owned by an employee, but my guess is yes. It may even be owned by Ericsson, but it’s such a great company, I wouldn’t be surprised if the owner of the truck proudly placed these words on himself voluntarily!


Schools can be brandful too!

bumper stickerI saw a great bumper sticker last week for a student of the month from The Bellaire School:  “a school that cares.”  Way to go! As always, I’m on the hunt for more examples from any kind of organization – in which their employees, volunteers, or community – are promoting the organization. In my book The Brandful Workforce, I present a model on how to build a workforce of promoters. Join my movement to get everyone working for an organization they believe in!