Don’t Tell Me A Story – Do It!

A colleague of mine who is a brand strategist, launched a book this week about story-doing – as opposed to story-telling. What’s the difference you may ask? Story-telling seems to be more about what a company wants to be, rather than what it actually is – which is what you get with story-doing. The company’s story gets defined by actions, not words. I like Ty Montague’s inner message which is about authenticity, which connects to my approach, The Brandful Workforce.  For a company to be good at story-doing, they would necessarily need to have their employees onboard as part of those who are actioning the story.

I agree with Ty when he says: Instead of building a business around a product or message, you have to think about building your business around people, and what they want to share with their friends. And I would define “people” as both consumers and employees. In many cases, employees are consumers and I would argue that some companies can aim to have all employees as consumers (provided it’s the right industry like retail or hospitality). When both employees and consumers are equally passionate about sharing information about a product or service with a friend – this action – repeated many times over – is quite powerful because it’s authentic.

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