Even Google Is Stumped

In a recent article Google admitted that it could not predict who would be a good hire and who would fail. I’m not sure that anyone has figured this out and it’s certainly not due to lacking analytical capability.

I believe the starting point for figuring out who will succeed in your organization has to start with this question: What kind of an employee do you need to drive your organization’s success? If you don’t know the answer to this, then any analysis you conduct will go in circles. According to my brandful workforce roadmap which helps organizations build a workforce of brand promoters, the entire employee strategy must be driven by a successful business model. Under this method, there is no organization that boasts of having the “best” talent, yet instead they can boast of having a good match for what it is they need to accomplish.

For more information on Google’s point of view, click here to read the article. Or please send me your comments and join in the discussion.

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