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Welcome to The Brandful Workforce Executive Forum, the first group to privately bring together senior executives from across industries who are serious about building their organization’s brand value through employees.  We hold confidential sessions in New York City, where executives from global organizations in industries such as healthcare, banking, insurance, media, marketing, food and beverage, and retail came together to talk about how their employees can actively promote their brands. Thanks to our past hosts: McGraw-Hill Financial, Towers Watson, IBM and OppenheimerFunds. The conversation was so valuable that this invitation-only group is now expanding.

Since the lines between the external brand and the internal culture have blurred, becoming a Brandful Workplace with a Brandful Workforce has quickly become a hot topic.  Companies that have joined us to share best practices know that merging their customer brand with their employment brand is not only good business, but a necessity for evolving their competitive brand. They have told us they need to become more than a “Best Place to Work”.  And they need to go beyond the latest “employee engagement” activities.  What they are focusing on is creating an authentic value proposition for both customers and employees.

Why?  It’s just good business.  It not only increases customer loyalty and referrals, but it engages customers meaningfully in the products and services. And it gives employees and prospective employees a sense of meaning and purpose for the work they do.  It helps with recruitment, retention and productivity.

The best way to get ahead in this emerging area is through other peers who are doing similar work. By joining forces and sharing experiences, each firm will reach their goals quicker and avoid re-inventing the wheel.

Membership Benefits

Our members tell us that learning directly with informed colleagues, who are in similar roles and situations, is what sets us apart from other membership organizations and conferences. Unlike a large conference or another membership organization, our members are personally invited to join due to their experience, interest and ability to bring value. Members see this as a cost-effective way to create better overall solutions to specific needs.

Here are some key discussion topics over the past year:

  • What efforts to become brandful, have failed and why? What efforts have succeeded?
  • Organizational cross-collaboration is needed to build a brandful worforce. How have you fostered this?
  • Just because employees love the brand doesn’t mean they will actively promote it. Specific tools and resources that work.
  • Let go of corporate control of communication and provide a framework for employees to participate.

Two Seats on Each Council

Member firms nominate two delegates for membership from Corporate Strategy, Human Resources, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Customer Experience or Innovation.  This arrangement leads to more effective and implementable solutions for each organization.

Confidential Meetings and Secure On-line Community

While face-to-face meetings are our core strength, our secure, members-only community keeps members connected and sharing ideas between meetings.  We hold webinars for deep dives between meetings. Members also set up conference calls for sharing on hot issues.

This forum meets three times per year to address the following general concerns:

  • what does it take to have employees who genuinely love the products and services they deliver?
  • how can employees participate in growing the brand?
  • how can you attract and retain brandful employees?
  • what are the challenges of building a brandful workforce?

The Brandful® Workforce Forum is by invitation only and there is a membership fee.

To join, please click here to send an email requesting membership. 

Learn more about The Brandful Workforce here.

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