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Everyone has at least one passion.  Finding that passion and connecting it to work, meaningfully and genuinely, provides a new and fresh perspective that motivates and bonds a workforce together to produce amazing results.  There are many positive examples of employees going the extra mile, delighting their customers and taking pride in the brands they represent. Whether you are a Fortune 100, 500, 1,000 or a small business forum, or a nonprofit, The Brandful® Workforce message resonates with all kinds of audiences because not-so-deep-down, everyone wants to be part of an exciting brand.

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Latest Testimonials:

“Julia is at the tip of a spear which will change the way we think about managing talent. Imagine if we were successful in having every employee in our organization become a walking endorsement for whatever service or product we deliver! That will be both a marker for an organization as a great place to work, but it will also validate what our organizations deliver to our customers!”

” Julia’s stories are relevant, actionable, and smartly presented. And she’s a real joy to listen to on stage.” 

“Love seeing this emphasis on brandful employees! This is a key priority where I work.” 

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