Should Every Employee Be a Brand Ambassador?

I’ve seen organizations designate certain employees (over others) to be brand ambassadors. They have a set of criteria and if the employee lives up to it, he is chosen. This doesn’t make any sense to me. What message does this send to the employees who are not brand ambassadors and doesn’t every employee represent the brand anyway?

Don’t worry about the potential bottom 5-10% of your staff who are underperformers or “problem employees.” These folks already suck way too much time and attention from your managers and should be held accountable.  It’s like the problem child that gets all the attention when the good kids are left alone because they are doing what they’re told to do. Keep the focus on the ones who deserve it. Having a brandful workforce simply means that you have employees who genuinely love your products and/or services. If this is true, they are more likely to behave in a way that promotes your brand. The level to which they actually do this may vary according to each employee’s personality and lifestyle, and it should be genuine.  I believe this simple concept has been left out of most organizational strategies and I do believe that employees are the biggest missed opportunity in branding today. Don’t miss the boat on this one.

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