Stop Employer Branding!

What’s the deal with employer branding anyway? Basically it attempts to define the organization as an employer for potential employees so they can decide if that’s the kind of place they want to work. But shouldn’t the employer brand be part of the overall brand of the organization? Not only should employees be looking for the right environment, they should be looking for the right consumer brand that they love.

According to those in marketing, a brand differentiate itself from others however I have rarely seen an employer brand that looks different from another. I agree with Mark Ritson when he points out in this opinion piece that employer brands all look the same and have similar values like “integrity,” “excellence” and “innovation.” He also points out that consumer branding efforts identify negative and positive associations so the organization can constantly evaluate whether the organization is delivering its brand promise. This kind of work is also rare in employer branding work. Is your experience in the workplace what we said it would be?

I believe that the type of employer branding work that’s being done today should stop. It should be integrated with the overall branding work of the organization and it could be a lot more effective for both employees and consumers.


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