First Two Book Reviews For The Brandful Workforce

It’s quite exciting publishing my first book. I wanted to share the following two book reviews that came onto Amazon recently. Please add your comments or reviews and don’t forget to join in the discussion online. This is one of the first business books that’s meant to be read from a computer or mobile device as it’s packed with links and entries into discussion.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Heads of Marketing and heads of Human Resources, read and discuss this book!

By J. Shapiro, Executive Director, Talent Analytics, Morgan Stanley on November 18, 2013

OK, I need to be fully transparent. I know Julia and really respect her work. So, I downloaded her book and was expecting to read a well thought out argument on connecting employees to your brand.

What Julia did instead blew me out of the water. .. The book captures the essence of something we all need in organizations: authentic employee relationships that create great customer experiences.

Some examples you may know (Trader Joes) and others were novel. .. like a Stonybrook video about a Dunkin Donuts employees that will make you tear up.

This is a great read for marketers and managers alike, engagingly told.

A Must Read if You’re in the Business of People By Susan LaMotte, Former Leader of Global Employer Brand at Marriott on November 18, 2013

Julia Gometz nails it with her book The Brandful Workforce: from her opening story about working in a hotel in Canada to the direct learnings from her experience at JetBlue. She’s right–it’s not just about the consumer brand and the employer brand. It’s about making the most of your workforce. In my consulting practice we often talk about seeing the value talent has on the bottom line. Julia calls this “brandful.” The book is a delightful read with easy-to-understand anecdotes that are directly applicable to your business–whether you’re a B2B or B2C business. If you’re in the business of people you owe it to yourself to read this book and see how you can make your organization brandful.

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