20,000 Clicks From One Employee

One employee can generate 20,000 clicks.

According to the content marketing company, Elevate, employees are able to spread the word, in a way that’s much different than traditional marketing outlets.  Their work shows that just one popular employee, can generate almost 20,000 clicks on facebook and twitter, regarding news about their employer’s brand. Multiply that by many employees and now we are talking about a workforce that is brandful™.

But consider the downside. That was the upside. What if employees are not brandful and not only, not interested in sharing the cool stuff that goes on in their organization, what if they actually wanted to bash it? I recently saw a youtube video of an x-employee discussing the “ins and outs” of worklife and I noticed that her video had 80,000 clicks.

But it’s not just the number of clicks. What happens with those folks who clicked? Do they buy more or less of the product or service? I’m not sure if anyone has an answer to this (if you do, please add to the discussion) but Elevate does report that 92% of customers prefer content shared by someone they know. They may be more likely to believe it and act upon it, coming from someone they know.

It has also been reported that organizations spend seven times more on content distribution than content creation. If every workforce was brandful™ – and truly promoted the products and services – it would seem to have some impact on both the content creation and distribution. But there are many more reasons to consider building and sustaining a brandful™ workforce.  Social media is only one of the six channels in which employees can promote the brand. Please see my other blogs, especially the overview, to learn more. Leave a comment and join in the conversation.