State Employees Can Be Brandful

When you think about the workforce and who’s proud of the services they provide, you may think of employees at Disney, Apple, or Google. But who would think of a federal or state employee? Should their jobs be taken for granted as something they have to do? No.  Any government (city, state or federal) can and should be in the business of delighting taxpayers and putting their money to good use – in a way that motivates employees to continue to provide for their communities as best they can.

For example, the state of Tennessee may be looking to their employees to help promote their entertainment brand. This article mentions that employees are engaging in social media to spread interest in ABC’s show “Nashville,” which may be attracting more business to the state. There’s so much that employees can do on their own initiative, that’s genuine and heartfelt that will support Tennessee’s brand. Large corporations, like those mentioned above, have empowered their staff to create new products and services, and by doing so, have actually been able to meet consumer demand. If governments take similar actions, there’s no telling how much their services and reputations can improve.

And by the way, a state can and does have a brand. In my upcoming book, The Brandful Workforce, I argue that every entity has a brand, whether they know it or not. A brand is simply what people say about you behind closed doors. Kudos to the state of Tennessee for getting in front of its brand, calling it out and involving its employees to push it forward.

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