Is Your Effort to Involve Employees Backfiring?

What company does not want their employees to promote their brand? Some go about it the wrong way. They jump right into providing the tools and training for employees to be able to shout out their favorite messages about the products and services. Or they launch new employee programs such as internal online platforms where employees can share and create innovative ideas for new products. Sooner or later, they start to wonder why nobody is participating in these new programs. Or even worse, they start to hear buzz from the employees that they don’t like what’s going on. They feel that the company is pushing them to participate in a way they really don’t want to.

Instead of feeling inspired, employees can feel tricked. This situation may indicate that something is missing. That something is what I call, The Brandful Business Basics.  This means companies don’t have what it takes for their employees to get behind their brand and promote it genuinely. The Brandful Business Basics is an integrated combination of a successful business model, a defined customer promise that employees can fulfill, and a transparent employee promise that works. If your employees can answer these questions favorably, then you have what it takes for them to be brandful:  How does my organization make a profit? What is the higher purpose for why my organization exists? Am I genuinely behind this purpose? What do we consistently deliver to our customers and how do we deliver it? Why do I work here and are these reasons being fulfilled?

In a previous webinar that I conducted, of about 300 companies less than 25% of them indicated that they had the Brandful Business Basics – or what they need for their employees to truly get behind the brand. Do you believe your company has what it takes? I’m conducting a anonymous poll. Please click the following link and vote here.

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