Kindness Makes You Crave Donuts

I stumbled across a new video this week. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s authentic, meaningful and packed with emotion. It’s certainly brandful. But let’s get our priorities straight. Most importantly, it brings on that donut crave.

Dunkin Donuts is doing something right. Or maybe it’s just that one Dunkin Donuts location.  Or maybe it’s just that one employee that inspired a group of 60 customers to come together and make this video.

I’d like to remind you what being brandful is all about. It’s about working at an organization whose product or service you truly believe in – so much so, that you naturally promote it. In the video, we meet Zamir, a Dunkin Donuts employee who connects to his customers (college students), cares about them and sells them something he loves, with love. Isn’t it interesting that Zamir doesn’t even feel that he’s done anything special? He is simply being himself. And that is what’s so simple about being brandful. It’s knowing yourself well enough to enter into the right relationships that allow you to be you – and be appreciated for that.

One of the comments regarding the video sums it up nicely: Moral of the story, kindness makes people crave doughnuts, which means that guy [Zamir] probably works in the perfect spot.

Now, I think I’ll go out and get some donuts… my local Dunkin!

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Former Employee Video- Brandful or UN-Brandful? You Decide

I noticed this youtube video with over 80,000 views, from a former employee at Forever 21. It’s a rather long video – over 12 minutes – and I’m not suggesting to view the entire thing, however, I predict that these types of videos will become much more prevalent as the use of online video rises. Those organizations that know how to take care of their employees well, and that have a workforce that truly cares about the brand, will be able to move ahead of those who don’t. Check out the video here.

Please share your comments on whether or not this is brandful. Or share other videos.