What Do Employees Do All Day?

When employees achieve progress at work, they not only feel valued, but they truly are valued.  They want to succeed and be part of the success, just like being brandful is being part of a successful brand. An easy way to help connect your employees to your company’s accomplishments is to find out what they actually do all day, and make sure they are able to make the greatest individual impact. You’d be surprised what you can uncover – that you didn’t know – especially the time-wasters and inefficiencies in your operation. When I was at JetBlue we conducted a project within one department to find out where employees were spending their time. And then we looked for inefficiencies. Usually these types of projects point out if there are duplications of effort (there were), processes that need improvement (boy- who knew it took so long to do a simple task?) or tasks that can easily be eliminated (we don’t need that anymore). This kind of work can be done every 2-3 years and can be very useful for organizations that experience change.

It can also be helpful to organizations who want to build a brandful workforce – a workforce that promotes the brand of the organization – because the more employees can directly connect their work to the products or services being delivered, the more likely they are to be brandful.