New Year Resolution: Become Brandful in 2014

As you make your new year resolutions, consider adding one to your list: being brandful. Becoming brandful means closing the gap on who you want to be and who you really are. This can apply to you personally, or it could apply to an organization such as your employer.  When an organization becomes brandful, its external perception (the customer experience) matches the internal culture (employee experience). When you are personally brandful, you acknowledge your passions and interests and actively pursue them on a regular basis, including in your work-life. Merging your personal brand with the brand of your organization can bring greater value and meaning to your personally and to your employer.

Why else should this be on your new year’s list? I believe 2014 will be a year of authenticity. With the rise in social media and escalating global competition, consumers are no longer easily fooled by traditional advertising and marketing. They are getting close up and personal with brands and becoming more involved with the products and services they love. Becoming brandful allows both individuals and organizations to keep the curtain raised and be transparent, without worry. When you are, who you say you are, there is confidence.

Put a resolution on your list that not only catches you up to everyone else, but thrusts you ahead. Here’s to a healthy, happy and prosperous 2014!

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