America’s Not Got All The Talent

This week I was in Las Vegas speaking at a conference on workforce planning. This topic explores how organizations can best plan for the right mix of talent competencies they will need in the next ten years to achieve success. Not easy with the retirement of many baby boomers. It was interesting to note which skills will be needed and where there are voids – for example: computer programming. We have to bring in computer programmers from outside the country right now to fill this gap. Some organizations are already beginning to take action to address the need for more computer programmers such as who produced this video, encouraging our youth to get involved.

One of the most compelling speakers was the President of Devry University, who seemed to be on the constant lookout for the latest talent needs of the nation’s largest organizations. He wants Devry to be able to provide employers with folks who are ready to take the company to where it needs to go. His team creates new programs specifically for organizations that are at a standstill in finding the talent they need. And they will take existing talent and give them new skills until a new talent pool can be created. I give him a lot of credit. While many educational institutions are struggling with ineffective business models instead of course content, his focus is on solving real issues with education.

And being in Vegas, I was expecting to see a couple of brandful employees from Zappos, which I did. So what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in girls