Using YouTube For Employee Relations?

Recently I wrote about the different ways in which employees can leave their employers involuntarily or voluntarily. One employee, Marina Shifrin, quit by communicating through a viral video (now up to almost nine million views on Youtube). A few days after her viral video and departure from the company, her employer released a retaliatory video featuring her boss and fellow employees who all seem to enjoy working there.

Anyone following this may now start to wonder what really happened between Marina and her boss, and why this is happening on Youtube?  Many folks fantasize about how, when and where they will quit. They are envious of Marina. On the other hand, there are those crazy employees who just don’t fit in, and even though they hate work, everyone else seems to love it. These are probably in the minority however one employee’s actions do not necessarily represent the masses. Just think about a few postal workers that went crazy and gave a bad name to all postal workers. Apply this to Marina’s fellow employees and maybe she was the oddball out?

We may learn more details over time. Whether or not we do, this is an intriguing scenario. First, it’s interesting from an employee relations standpoint, in that it shows the use and power of video resignations, as well as organizational responses. The employer is a small company but would a larger company have done something similar? Will this end up being a net positive for Marina? If so, will it encourage other employees to attempt similar tactics?  Second, it reinforces the increasing power of individual employees.  It reminds me of why I’m a believer in being brandful – and having a strategy that places employees in their greatest potential to support the brand, rather than bash it. In a prior post, I wrote about the importance of continuing goodwill long after employees leave, regardless of the circumstances of their departures. Ongoing respect is part of that.

Will we continue to see more employee relations matters on Youtube? What do you think?


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